Discover the benefits of medication made just for you

As a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), we can customize medication for you to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Compounded medications have application across a number of medical fields – adult and pediatric family care; dental, dermatological and veterinary care; and sports medicine. Click the menu below to view some of the compounding solutions we provide.

Common Patient Dosing Challenges

Reeves-Sain Drug Store addresses patient dosing challenges that commercially available drugs often present. Our compounding pharmacy is able to customize medications to meet specific needs.

Lactose Intolerance (Lactose is often used as a filler or excipient for capsules.)
Solution: Compound the required medication using an excipient other than lactose.

Allergic to Dyes or Preservatives
Solution: Compound the prescribed medication dye or preservative free.

Alcohol Free Medication
Solution: Customize the medication without the addition of alcohol.

Discontinued Medication
Solution: When the USP grade chemical and applicable formula is available, it can be compounded.

Medications in Short Supply
Solution: Same as discontinued item.

Required Strength Not Available
Solution: Customize the medication to the required strength.

Required Dosage Form Not Available
Solution: A wide variety of dosage forms are available, and others may possible be created to meet a unique patient need.

Medication Taste
Solution: Many medications can be flavored to enhance palatability.

Side-Effect Intolerance
Solution: Customize the medication to alleviate the side effect(s).

Economic Hardship
Solution: Drug combinations in a single dosage form, e.g., NSAIDS and analgesics or analgesics and anti-nauseates, can be customized. Such combinations can reduce the costs of some medications.

Patient Not Responding to Conventional Drug Therapy (e.g. Medication is not working or bringing about the desired therapeutic outcome.)