Why gamble? Flu shots protect you and everyone around you.

Getting your seasonal flu immunization is healthy for you and everyone around you. Our experienced Immunization Specialists can help ensure you’re protected against and informed about the most common strains.

Group & Workplace Flu Immunizations are available!

Reeves-Sain is also pleased to provide flu vaccinations on site for area businesses with 15 or more employees. Learn more here.

Prepare for the season of sickness by getting your flu shot at Reeves-Sain. To get your flu shot, stop by our Immunization Center in the Reeves-Sain Drug Store. We’re open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Walk-ins welcome.

For additional information, call our Flu Hotline at 615-278-3123 or e-mail us at info@nullreeves-sain.com.

Get the latest flu news from the CDC.

Pediatricians stress that getting adult flu immunizations can be as important as getting flu shots for children.

Who should get the flu shot? (View full text.)
• People who are 50 years old or older – even if you’re in great health
• Children 6 to 23 months old ***
• Adults and children with a chronic health condition ***
• People with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, cancer or HIV/AIDS
• Women who will be pregnant during flu season
• Healthcare workers
• Caregivers
• Anyone who lives with or cares for someone listed above or with a child younger than 6 months old

*** Reeves-Sain provides flu shots only for individuals 9 years of age and older. Consult your pediatrician on getting flu shots for your child(ren).