Pharmacy Grade Vitamins and Supplements

Choosing the right vitamin or nutrient supplement is vital for your health today and tomorrow.

To earn the designation “Pharmacy Grade,” our Reeves-Sain brand vitamins and supplements contain 99% or more of the ingredients on the label.

Many OTC vitamins and supplements are not as nutritional as they may seem – in fact, some have as little as 20% of the ingredients on the label. Why? Because they are not Pharmacy Grade vitamins. Our Drug Store is proud to offer a full line of Reeves-Sain brand Pharmacy Grade vitamins and supplements.

What is Pharmacy Grade?

The difference in Pharmacy Grade and regular over-the-counter vitamins is significant, providing you with three key benefits that make them work better for you.

Higher Quality: Pharmacy Grade is the highest quality grade, meaning the vitamins meet the highest regulatory standard verified by an outside party and are only sold by licensed health care practitioners.
No Fillers: Any vitamin or supplement with fillers has been processed, and much like processed foods, these are not good for your body and can block the absorption of nutrients.
Higher Absorption Rates: Absorption is crucial for your vitamins and supplements to work properly, and Pharmacy Grade vitamins are guaranteed to have the highest absorption rates.

Ask about Reeves-Sain Pharmacy Grade vitamins and supplements on your next visit and discover what difference they will make.

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