Pharmacy Services

What our milkshakes can’t cure, our pharmacy can!

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Reeves-Sain is proud to be your hometown pharmacy. For more than 40 years, Reeves-Sain has provided a full range of Pharmacy Services to countless Middle Tennesseans – from prescription refills and advice, to custom formulations, immunizations, hormone therapy, diabetes care, and more. All delivered with our hallmark commitment to exceptional customer care.

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Getting to know your pharmacist is good for your health. That’s of utmost importance when filling prescriptions. In consultation with your physician, we can advise on a range of topics to help ensure that your medication works effectively for you – proposing alternative dosage forms, adjusting prescription strength, identifying potential drug interactions and more.

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We are pleased to fulfill your prescription refill requests online, by phone or in person. A Reeves-Sain pharmacist will call you when it is ready, typically within 24 hours. Pick it up at your leisure or take advantage of our free home delivery service within Rutherford County.

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Over the Counter

Our OTC section includes a variety of competitively-priced products to aid in your daily living, including first aid and wound care, vitamins and nutritional supplements, analgesics and pain relievers, foot care, oral care, skin care, mother and baby care and diabetes management supplies.

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Pharmacy Grade Vitamins & Supplements

“Pharmacy grade” represents the highest standard of nutritional care. This means that your vitamins meets the highest regulatory standards with no fillers and higher absorption rates.

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